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C. McNair Wilson lives his life at the confluence of faith and art, a bustling intersection these days.  McNair -- a San Francisco Bay Area resident -- has worked professionally as actor, director, teacher, playwright, Disney Imagineer, coach to public speakers and corporate executives, author, cartoonist, magician, and ventriloquist (retired).

McNair travels the world (33 countries) and has performed his two one-man plays, The Fifth Gospel and From Up Here at colleges, conferences, and churches of every flavor. He has taught his trademark IMAGINUITYTM process (now on video) for clients as diverse as IBM & the Salvation Army.

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"McNair Wilson's talk on Creativity is one of the most dynamic, profound, and enjoyable talks I have ever heard. McNair's delivery, theatrics, staging and all around performance is nothing less than masterful.  As somebody who has watched, studied and coached speakers for years, this man is one of the very best I have ever witnessed."

Patricia Fripp
Past President, National Speakers Assoc.
Co-author, "Speaking Secrets of the Masters"

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