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What would it be worth to be fully creative in every situation in life?

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What would that be worth? Five hundred or even $1,000? How much did you pay for each unit of Armenian poetry in college? Have you been using that a lot lately? Let your curiosity get the best of you. How? Join me for a grand new creative workshop:

THE CURIOSITY TOUR, a workshop designed specifically for faith workers. This is the very same ImaginuityTM technology I've taught at World Vision, Youth for Christ, Salvation Army, Apple/Macintosh, Universal Studios, Youth Specialties and many, many others. This is the process I taught and facilitated throughout Disney during my years as senior concept designer for all theme parks at Walt Disney Imagineering.

THE CURIOSITY TOUR is a jam-packed, participatory event where you will:

  Discover keys to Brainstorming that works, every time!
  Recapture Your Creative SpiritTM
  Attack fear and other creative blocks
  Transform your work place to expand your creative process
  Engage all 5 senses for inspiration and creativity
  Tackle the trauma of time management in your "right mind"
  Fulfill BIG IDEAS on tiny budgets
  Find your passion, your talent, your power, your purpose

THE CURIOSITY TOUR is a five-hour event about you and your God-given creative potential-all designed to impact your ministry and your personal life. This event is for professionals and volunteers--pastors, priests, campus ministries, Sunday school teachers, camp staff, teen leaders, board members and bus drivers. If you would like to assist in bringing THE CURIOSITY TOUR to your area, call McNair TODAY, to book an event in your area: (510) 533-IDEA or, email him at

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