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Foreward by Ken Davis
Serious Praise for a Really Funny Book

    This book sat on our coffee table for three weeks and I kept going back to it like some kind of junkie.  Last week someone stole it.
    -Ken Davis, Author, Humorist

    Thanks for the book I couldn't put down, and some wonderful if painful insights. And many -- for me -- out of sight illustrations.
    -Ken Medema, Songwriter and Signer

    I know that God is glad about this book.
    -SARK Artist, author of Succulent Wild Women and Transformation Soup

    This is the funniest and truthful-est book I've read in a long time. Wilson is a combination of Shel Silverstein and C.S. Lewis (that's Claude Samuel Lewis, a really funny guy who works at McDonalds's.) If this is a religious book then I want to be religious.
    -Mike Yaconelli, Co-founder and Owner of Youth Specialties

    A book impossible to describe! For the reader seeking an author who writes and sketches with charm, tenderness, clarity, wit, outrageous originality and the sense of high purpose, McNair Wilson is your man.
    -Brennan Manning, Author of the The Ragamuffin Gospel

    C. NcNair Wilson's delight-filled book is the best kind of comedy writing: laughter evoking, thought provoking, and just plain fun!
    -David McFadzean, Executive Producer and Co-creator of Home Improvement with Tim Allen

    McNair makes us laugh while zinging us with insights about religion, society, and life in general.  This book made me chuckle, laugh out loud, and keep saying, "Hmmm...now there's a good one." Read this; you will like it.
      --Jim Wallis, Author of Faith Works, Editor of Sojourners (a really serious magazine), and Convener of Call to Renewal.

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