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McNair is now accepting bookings into 2009 and beyond! Dates are also available in
the immediate future.  Call us now. We can piggyback dates if we're headed your way. For booking information, please contact McNair directly by phone at his studio in the Bay Area: (510) 533-IDEA (4332)

To email McNair directly: bigdesk@mcnairwilson.com                

"From Up Here" One-man play
"The Fifth Gospel" One-man play
Recapturing - "Recapturing Your Creative Spirit" -- keynote address or workshop
Imaginuity - workshop on creativity ranging from 2-6 hours.
Corporate events are two day, in-house, working training/sessions.

Red dates = Open to public

BOOKS by McNair
Imaginuity Video
One-Man Plays
Curiosity Tour
McNair's Schedule

March 2008



Corporate Brainstorming training
BSA Group, Ojai, CA


One-man play, FROM UP HERE, Open to ALL
Monte Vista Chapel, Turlock, CA
Sunday, 9:15 & 10:45 services

February 2009



Christian Writers Guild Conference
Broadmoor Hotel, Colorado Springs, CO

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To email McNair directly: bigdesk@mcnairwilson.com                
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