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Thank you for inquiring about my new book

      "YES, AND..."

        Brainstorming Secrets of a Theme Park Designer

My Spring speaking/performing schedule left less time to write than I thought I might squeeze into each day. The writing is now completed and I am working with the designer to add my illustrations.

As we are publishing "YES, AND..." through IMAGINUITY Unlimited's new AmperBang Books it will abbrieviate the publishing process considerably. 

We hope to have the book ready before the Summer of '02 fades into Autumn.

Meanwhile, sign up for my FREE internet newsletter -- McNAIRMAIL -- as that list will be the very first to be notified when "YES, AND..." is ready. There will also be a special pre-release offer (Can you say "discount.") to newsletter subscribers (and all their friends to whom they reveal the secret word.)

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